Washington Post distorts global warming report

On Tuesday, we noted that the media has been largely silent on the revisions to NASA's widely reported  temperature data. On Wednesday, the Washington Post broke the news blackout giving NASA's James Hansen an exclusive  platform to cast the changes in the most favorable light possible.Rather than report on the substance of the actual changes to the data and the reasons they were compelled to make them, the Post used a not-so-clever trick, ascribing the controversy to,"Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh [who] used reports of the revisions to argue that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by scientists with liberal agendas." Describing the changes as "slight" the Post uncritically accepts Hansen's bland explanation,"...the change is insignificant in terms of global warming and altered the overall global mean temperatures by one-one-thousandth of a degree." One one-thousandth of degree overall? Prove it!...(Read Full Post)