The fund-raising blues

Famed tele-lawyer, Geoff Fieger has been charged with illegally reimbursing employees for $127,000 in contributions to former Sen. John Edwards' 2004 Democratic presidential campaign. Fieger says he was singled out for political prosecution. This was inevitable with the advent of donor's bundling hard money limits of $2,300 per person.  Much has been made of the Democratic presidential candidates' fund-raising prowess.The  irony is that such colossal fund raising could actually be a major liability in this cycle. First, it feeds on the public perception of money-grubbing politicians. Chris Matthews flogged Mitt Romney with this stick earlier this spring in a drive-by hit at his fund raising prowess.  Second, collecting all this money increases the risk of receiving embarrassing contributions and making foolish expenditures. When it gets out that Charles Manson is one...(Read Full Post)