Leftist dementia: Blaming Bush & GOP for Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

When I heard the news late Wednesday afternoon PT about the Minnesota Interstate 35W bridge collapse, after the initial shock and sadness for the victims, one of my first thoughts was that the Left would try to score points and blame the tragedy on President Bush and the Republicans.Sure enough, within four minutes of the news breaking nationally at 7:32 pm ET on the Fox News Channel, the initial discussion thread about it at Daily Kos was already collecting comments like the following ones which are representative of hundreds of messages that soon appeared there (the first two below, by the way, were the first two to be posted):We spend billions in IraqWhile we fall apart at home.We have been warnedby engineers that our nation's infrastructure is in dire need of repair and upgrade.Who needs terrorism when the inept GOP runs our nation into the ground. The "terrorists" can just sit back and watch as our nation falls apart.Mission Accomplished.No one has the balls to take...(Read Full Post)