Kos Kounting?

The Mainstream Media have fallen all over themselves oohing and aahing about the 1,200 or so nutroots who turned out for the Yearly Kos convention in Chicago. I don't seem to recall such fawning coverage when 30,000 Americans of a more conservative orientation came together in Washington, D.C. back in March in a counter-protest to an anti-war march on the Capitol. Typical of this media toadying was a column by the Boston Globe's, Ellen Goodman. While knocking the E-male dominance of this new media marvel, blogging, she opines that this left side of the blogosphere is to the Democrats what conservative talk radio is to the Republican Party, making it seem for all the world like the Web is an owned domain of the Left.The numbers are somewhat disproportionate. Equating this Kos crowd to the tens of millions of Americans who daily listen to conservative talk radio may be just a wee bit premature. Absolute numbers aside, it would be a mistake to assume the left owns the blogosphere, even...(Read Full Post)