BDS And The Washington Post

A good barometer of  Bush Derangement Syndrome is the increasing frequency in which our elected Representatives and various media outlets call for radical changes in our "ways and means" of government in order to derail policies George Bush may be following or to oust him entirely.The radicalsim behind these measures is difficult to comprehend-with a bare year and a few months left to his Presidency, Bush's opponents would radically overhaul our form of government in order to short circuit his removal from the office. The New York Times, (archived) for instance, recently published an op-ed ("Stacking the Court"  ) calling for an increase in the size of the Supreme Court in order to appoint liberals to the Court who would be able to override the judicial opinions of the current sitting justices-whose recent appointments were made by George Bush (and approved by the Senate). Now, the Washington Post publishes an op-ed ("Ouster By the People")...(Read Full Post)