A Summer Session for Congress?

Much has been made of the fact that the lawmakers of the Iraq parliament are taking a one-month vacation in August. The US Congress and media have complained that, as one critic put it:WHILE U.S. soldiers are risking their lives and dying each day in Iraq, and the country is embroiled in sectarian political divisions and bloodshed, Iraq's parliament decided it was a good time to take a break. That's not what we call trying to put a troubled nation back together.But, as others have already noted, the US Congress is taking a vacation break at exactly the same time---July 26 to September  4---using the same excuse of unbearable heat (95º in DC vs. 130º in Baghdad).I don't dare criticize either decision; I hate hot weather myself. But I do think our congressmen are missing a marvelous opportunity. With that lovely parliament house in Baghdad empty, why not convene a brief special session of the US Congress there sometime in August?The logistics would be simple....(Read Full Post)