TIME shows its military expertise

Accompanying TIME/CNN's current online article by Michael Duffy entitled, "How to leave Iraq," and reportedly on the cover of the TIME print edition, is an illustration graphically demonstrating how limited these so-called news organizations' knowledge of the American military happens to be. The "last helicopter out" a vision harking back to Vietnam and beloved of the Mainstream Media, in this case just happens to be Russian, an MI-24 Hind gunship, according to the folks over at Blackfive, a leading milblog where contributors tend to know what they are talking about when it comes to things military, unlike the mainstream Media weenies.The cost of an issue of TIME: $3.95; the time needed to flip through the unrelentingly liberal rag: two minutes, max; their use of a Russian helicopter to depict their hoped for retreat from Iraq by American forces: PRICELESS!(Read Full Post)