The BBC exposed

We have been telling our readers for years that the BBC is in the habit of distorting the news to make those whom it disfavors look bad. Our archive contains well over 400 items on the BBC, many of them describing the distortions Britons are compelled to support through mandatory "license fees" amounting to hundreds of dollars a year. The BBC recruits its staff primarily though advertising in the left wing Guardian, and habitually blames Israel for the troubles in the Middle East, as well as disdaining the United States.   

But now the BBC has been caught distorting the news about someone able to call them on their gutter journalistic ethics: the Queen. It cut the sequence of film of a photo session by Annie Liebovitz to make it appear that Her Majesty flounced out of the session in a snit, something which simply did not happen.  The BBC has now issued an apology, saying that
the actual sequence of events was misrepresented.

Read the Daily Mail's account and ask yourself why Britons should be forced to pay for this lying propaganda organ. And then ask yourself what distortions about Israel, the United States, capitalism, and other disfavored groups have been perpetrated.

We have NPR and PBS, of course. But we have no monarch for them to lie about and get caught, though there is an hour of BBC news (hat tip: Ken Benway) appearing on many public radio stations on this side of the pond.  For the very first time, I see a small downside to the success of our War for Independence....
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