The curious links of a CAIR doctor who doesn't support terror

Last week, Dr. Asma Mobin-Uddin, CAIR-Ohio president and a pediatrician, penned a plaintive op-ed for the New York Post decrying the role of doctors in the recent attempted terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow, and distancing their actions from Islam. But on Dr. Mobin-Uddin's personal website, she features links to Youssef al-Qaradawi's, one of the most popular Islamic websites in the world and one preaching the very extremist ideology she claims has no connection to Islam. Qaradawi was listed as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the US government in 1999, a fact that Dr. Mobin-Uddin is presumably aware of.

Qaradawi, who owns Islamonline and is featured prominently on the site, is the spiritual leader of HAMAS and the international Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organizations. He has issued fatwas permitting suicide bombings against innocent civilians in Israel. Qaradawi also said in 2004 that resistance against US troops in Iraq was the duty of every Muslim, and he issued a fatwa in October of that year authorizing the abduction and killing of American civilian contractors in Iraq. These are just a few of the reasons why the Anti-Defamation League issued a report in August 2005 on the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood cleric, appropriately entitled, "Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi: Theologian of Terror". 

CAIRwatch also observes that Mobin-Uddin also links to Islamicity, another virulently anti-Jewish website. According to CW:
Islamicity is an anti-Semitic portal, whose web library contains a piece entitled ‘Corruption of the Torah,' which states, "The ‘people of the Book' includes Jews... Even though Allah has told us of the hatred they hide in their hearts, He has not command us to hate and kill every single Jew we meet simply because he is a Jew. We are better than that. We serve a higher purpose. For this reason, I am going to provide a very devastating argument against them in order to assist them in seeing the corruption of their forefathers..." (Islamicity, Library of Selected Islamic Literature, October 2, 2000 - Present) Islam Online is a site that features live dialogues with Hamas leaders (Islam Online, Live Dialogue with Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, ‘Hamas and the Future of Palestine,' May 7, 2003) and a ‘Fatwa Bank' (religious ruling) section stating, "Hence, we are allowed to kill every Israeli until they stop this mass killing and paganism. It is only then that we can stop our attacks on the Israeli civilians but our Jihad against the military will never stop till they leave our land and give us back our holy site, Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa [Jerusalem]." (Islam Online, Jihad: Rulings & Regulations, 'Attacking Civilians in Martyr Operations,' October 26, 2003)
Dr. Mobin-Uddin's promotion of known hate sites and notorious terrorist promoters, such as Qaradawi, while simultaneously claiming moderation, is precisely the shameless duplicity that CAIR has virtually trademarked. Predictably, CAIR will respond by charging me with making a claim based on nothing more than guilt by association and scouring my own websites trying to find something they can take offense at.

But it was CAIR that in 2003 that not only attacked CAIRwatch's Joe Kaufman for a link on his website, but they held a press conference demanding that law enforcement investigate him for supporting a terrorist organization. What's good for the haram goose should be good for the halal gander.

CAIR is the same organization that promotes a fatwa supposedly denouncing terrorism, and yet their spokesmen regularly refuse to condemn HAMAS and actively support other terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah, which has killed more Americans second only to al-Qaeda on 9/11. Last summer, it was Dr. Mobin-Uddin's CAIR-OH predecessor and now CAIR national vice chairman Ahmad Al-Akhras who was praising Hezbollah in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Columbus following their capture of two Israeli soldiers.
Meanwhile, the establishment media, such as the NY Times, regularly give CAIR a pass for its extremism. Will CAIR's establishment media allies ever abandon their friends, or will they stick with them to the bitter end? Only time will tell.