Stand Strong (a poem)

Defeat in Iraq, a Liberal Dream.

America groveling, it may seem

Unthinkable.  It won't be when

Our cities explode. Think again.

Blame the media, the idiotic Congress,

But it will be our fault if it happens, unless

We wake up now. Take a stand.

Don't expect Jack Bauer to be on hand.

It's up to us to foil the attack.

There's nothing we can't do when we stand back to back.

Our weak-kneed political leaders won't lead.

They're busy with their own insatiable greed.

But they work for us.  Push them all to the side

And show the world our American pride.

Emulate our fighting troops, and then who knows?

Maybe we, as they, can all become heroes.

Mimi Evans Winship