Sensitivity training

US Constitution - Article II - Section 2. The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States; he may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.Judge Reggie Walton is a very sensitive man. He is also not afraid to put his sensitivity upon display for the world to judge. Today's display can be found in footnotes to his Memoranda Opinion concerning supervised release remaining in force for Lewis Libby. Josh Gersten's  article in the NY Sun makes note of Judge Walton's deep feelings:"It is fair to say that the Court is somewhat perplexed as to how its sentence could be accurately characterized as...(Read Full Post)