Obama hires felonious activist to teach campaign volunteers

Barack Obama's pose as a fighter against cynicism does not comport very well with his employment of a convicted felon to instruct youngsters in the art of campaigning. Blogger Tom Roeser has an exclusive account:Robert Creamer, the husband of U. S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill) who was sentenced to jail for running a community group and paying himself big bucks while banks held the bag, has been teaching a group of young (mostly) volunteers for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama....Nothing wrong with Creamer earning a living. Indeed not long ago he surfaced as a registered lobbyist working against the Senate confirmation of UN ambassador John Bolton, paid by the George Soros-funded "Open Society Policy Center." But the idea of a convicted felon who kited checks lecturing the supposedly idealistic Obama campaign on how to raise money and get elected is a bit much. Creamer taught at "Camp Obama," a week-long summer camp last month held at the presidential...(Read Full Post)