NYT's ridiculous editorial on Hazleton

The New York Times today runs a fire-breathing editorial "Humanity versus Hazleton", wholeheartedly praising a Pennsylvania judge for striking down an ordinance of the city of Hazleton that sought to enforce the laws against the hiring of illegal aliens or as the Times chooses to spin it: sought to harshly punish undocumented immigrants for trying to live and work there, and employers and landlords for providing them with homes and jobs.The paper gratuitously engages in an ad hominen attack against the mayor of Hazleton and then goes on to hold that local communities cannot be involved in immigration or other matters that are a federal concern:First, immigration is a federal responsibility. State and local governments have no right to usurp or upend a vast, "carefully drawn federal statutory scheme" that governs who enters the country and the conditions under which immigrants stay, study, work and naturalize. Congress may be botching the job,...(Read Full Post)