Iraqi armed forces turn to China while Pentagon dithers

The Washington Times Inside the Ring column reports today that US defense and national security officials are having a fit over news that China is shipping arms to the new Iraqi Army and the police.  And because Chinese weaponry is being smuggled to the insurgents through Iran, these same officials are now hopping mad that in essence, China is now the vendor of choice for arming both sides of the conflict.Pentagon officials said that the deal was sealed last month when Iraqi President Jalal Talbani was in Beijing.  Brig. General Qasim Ata, of the Iraq police confirmed that the contracts were for imports of "advanced" Chinese weapons for the Iraqi armed forces.  An adminstration official chimed in and called the arrangement "extremely foolish" and that "Buying weapons from China will accelerate the alienation of America."But before DoD and administration higher-ups complain too much, they might want to consider this report  from the AP...(Read Full Post)