Sunday's New York Times included an article by Benjamin Nugent entitled Who's a Nerd, Anyway? that reported on a 11-year study completed at UC Berkeley by linguist Mary Bucholtz, in which she concludes that "nerds" act "Hyperwhite" and reject any cultural influences from black America.My own claims to "nerdhood" are pretty solid, and I can comment on this article from the perspective of one with thirty years of continuous experience working with chemists, physicists, engineers and computer scientists in university, national lab and industrial settings.  The paragons of "nerdom" are those enrolled in -- or teaching -- advanced degree programs in computer science, engineering or the hard sciences.  Since this population includes many, many Chinese, Japanese, Asian Indian and Koreans - a lot of whom are foreign born and educated - it will probably come as a surprise to most of them that they are acting "Hyperwhite".  Dr....(Read Full Post)