Where are the civilian casualties in Palestinian fighting?

I've been searching and searching for reports of civilian casualties in the current fighting between Hamas and Fatah and guess what? I could not find a single instance. 

These guys must have very precise weapons.

On the BBC website I visited last night, there was even a prominently displayed "photo gallery" of the conflict.  There, I saw pictures of rubble but not to my surprise no babies buried in it; I saw pictures of burnng buildings but none of them were schools or hospitals; and I read reports of casulaties but always vaguely referred to as "people killed".
Here is a sample from the current top stories form BBC, Reuters and AP

Notice how they all say "people", but remember last summer when Israel was involved it is always babies or "innocent bystanders".
BBC: "More than 100 people have died during a week of violent battles on the streets of Gaza. "

BBC: "At least 20 Palestinians died as the latest battles raged throughout Gaza."

Reuters: "Medics said at least another 30 people were killed during the day, taking the death toll since Saturday to over 110 in a civil war that has driven a wedge between Gaza and the West Bank and leaves an aggressive Islamist entity on Israel's borders." 
AP: "The violence has killed at least 90 people in the past five days, including 33 on Thursday alone. Witnesses, Fatah officials and a doctor reported executions by Hamas militants of defeated Fatah fighters Thursday; Fatah said seven of its men were shot in the head gangland-style. Hamas denied any such killings."
Draw your own conclusions.
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