Tim Russert edits Colin Powell

Anyone who watched Tim Russert's interview with Colin Powell on Meet The Press and Russert's subsequent summary of it on NBC's Today Show could see that Russert cherry-picked Powell's words, then twisted them to fit an agenda.   Powell said:  

* that Saddam Hussein definitely had WMD during the Gulf War (when Powell served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and used them  

* that Saddam Hussein had the capability to recreate his weapons program  

* that Saddam Hussein's quest for WMD was a threat to us in 2 ways   
     a) he would use them against us   
     b) terrorists would acquire them from Iraq and use them against us  

* that in the wake of 9/11, we were fearful of attacks to follow   * that Saddam Hussein was ignoring the UN resolutions  

* that George Bush DID go to the UN  

* that the UN was ineffective in dealing with Saddam Hussein  

* that if there were no WMD, he would not have gone to war, BUT a multitude of leaders believed Saddam Hussein had the weapons (including Powell himself)  

* that he (Powell) told Bush that if it came to war, he was behind him all the way  

* that he would close Guantanamo, then TRANSFER the prisoners to prisons within the US  

* that he had spoken to Obama and would speak with any candidate since he knows all of them    

On The Today Show Russert reported that Powell had said:  

* that he wouldn't have gone to war without WMD (period)  

* that he would close Guantanamo immediately (period)   

* that he had spoken with Obama (period)  

Russert reported on a FRACTION of what Colin Powell actually said. What he chose to omit was strikingly telling. As this spin increases, the trust in NBC decreases.   

Michael Wilson


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