Obama campaign politicizing tax-emept churches

The New York Times has gleefully reported on troubles encountered by Christian consevraive organizations when churches have been used for political purposes. It would undoubtedly attack any GOP politicians who used a church for political purposes. Yet here it reports deadpan an Obama political event in a church:Lessons Learned as Obama Shepherds a Following By MICHAEL COOPERIt was just an organizational meeting for Senator Barack Obama’s New York volunteers, but the gathering this month jammed every pew of a church in the East Village, and the crowd spilled over into not one but two overflow rooms.All told, 710 people showed up, even though the closest they would get to Mr. Obama, the Illinois Democrat and presidential candidate, that night would be to view a campaign screening of a biographical DVD. They cheered wildly anyway. Many had already formed their own volunteer groups in New York: Brooklyn for Barack, NYC4Obama, the Audacity of Park Slope. Quite a few already had Web...(Read Full Post)