The New York Times will do whatever it takes to obfuscate the issue of Iran supplying weapons to militants and terrorists killing Americans, Afghans, and others. Here is today's headline regarding Secretary of Defense Rober Gates discussing Iran's role in arming the Taliban::

"Iran May Know of Weapons for Taliban, Gates Contends"
Here is the Wall Street Journal headline on the same story

"Pentagon Chief Says Iran Is Arming Afghan Fighters"
The Times writes that Iran may merely know of weapons shipments; while Gates and the WSJ are much clearer and much more honest when they hold forth that Iran is actually arming Afghan fighters. The Times used the verb "contends", as if Gates were just an advocate pushing a position. The Journal goes with "says", which is much more matter of fact, focusing on the content of what the speaker is saying more than on whether is the speaker is arguing for a position.

Those relying on the NYT as their sole source of news are doing themselves a great disservice. The Times routinely manipulates the news to further an agenda.