Mother's misplaced love

The late Golda Meir, Israel's Prime Minister, prophesied that peace would come to Arabs and Israelis when Arab mothers loved their children more than they hated Israelis.  Sadly, her prophecy seems to be a long time coming.

The Shin Bet announced Wednesday it arrested a pregnant Palestinian mother of eight (she is 39 ECF) and her niece,(30) herself a mother of four, after they tried to cross into Israel from the Gaza Strip on May 20.
And just why were they able to enter Israel so easily?
They had received entry permits on humanitarian grounds, citing a bogus medical complaint that required advanced hospital care
Hmmm, and of course when Israel bars innocent children and pregnant moms, even very senior citizens, from the now unoccupied Gaza Strip, from entering Israel proper to make use of its first rate health and educational facilities, some even blame Israel as callous, racist even.  Suggestion: Instead of fighting, instead of the hatred, maybe the Arabs should replace them with institutions that really aid their people.  But sadly, that seems a long time coming.