NYT goes to bat for convicted Democrat governor

Adam Nossiter writes a shockingly sympathetic article on former Alabama governor Don Siegelman, a Democrat.Mr. Siegelman, a Democrat, tried to paint a bigger picture, saying he was a victim of Karl Rove, the senior political adviser in the White House."The origins of this case are political," Mr. Siegelman said. "There's no question that Karl Rove's fingerprints are all over this case, from the inception." His words, in turn, have been fueled by an affidavit that seems to link his prosecution to high government circles, which has given the case a serious jolt.Mr. Siegelman was convicted of bribery, conspiracy and mail fraud last year after being accused of persuading Richard M. Scrushy, then the chairman of the HealthSouth Corporation, to pay off $500,000 in debt from a lottery campaign the governor had initiated, in exchange for a seat on a state hospital licensing board. Mr. Scrushy was also convicted.It was a small part of a voluminous Justice Department...(Read Full Post)