NRA foe Jefferson ordered to surrender his Guns

When Rep.William Jefferson was arraigned on a boatload of corruption and racketeering charges on Friday, he was ordered to surrender his firearms.  Apparently, while the Louisiana Democrat stores his FBI-marked bribe money in his freezer in Washington, he stockpiles his collection of rifles and shotguns in his home in New Orleans.Of course, the confiscation of all those people-killing guns from a man who will likely be on a federally funded meal plan until our next visit from Halley's Comet should help Liberals sleep at night. But the specter of a gun-toting gun opponent raises some rather curious questions, wouldn't you say?You might ask yourself, what does a man who, in 2005, voted against a bill to protect law-abiding gun dealers and manufacturers from litigation blaming them for criminal misuse of their products by others, need with rifles?  Did he own them when he voted against similar law in 2003?Why would a legislator with an anti-Second-Amendment voting record that...(Read Full Post)