Israel's quiet friendships in the Muslim world

Despite the blustery rhetoric about Israel heard in so many Islamic quarters, at least some groups in predominantly Muslim countries manage to talk and cooperate with Israel. Our friends at Ummah News Links, which covers the Islamic world for infidels, have found two interesting examples.Berber-Israeli Friendship group: A group of Berber activists is planning to create next month North Africa's first friendship association with Israel, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi reports. The activists plan to hold the official inauguration on 20 July in the city of Taroudaut, 60 kilometres inland from the western coastal resort of Agadir, the paper said. Jewish Berbers living in Israel and Moroccan Berbers will be involved in the new association, which aims to allow Jewish Berbers to keep in touch with Berber and Moroccan culture and the Amazigh language, the association's founding committee said in a statement. Israel-Azerbaijan Telecom Forum:Israeli embassy and Azerbaijan Communications and...(Read Full Post)