Iran's version of the 'fairness doctrine'

While Nancy Pelosi, the first ever female Speaker of the House, and her fellow total control Democrats babble unconvincingly that they're not about to revive the (Un)Fairness doctrine for news, authorities in Iran, the very ones the Democrats want to negotiate with, have their own Fairness For Them Doctrine on the news. Have they already been talking?

Iran's top security body has ordered local journalists not to report on problems caused by petrol rationing, a day after its surprise introduction.
In addition,
The authorities switched off the mobile text messaging system in Tehran overnight to prevent motorists from organising more protests. (snip)

Hardline papers have advised motorists not to use their personal cars too much and to share vehicles in order to save petrol.

Iranian TV initially did not mention the unrest and mostly interviewed people who said they supported the rationing.
The Iranian rulers may soon discover that not reporting the news doesn't mean its not happening.