The People vs. Ted Kennedy

Well, it's taken 45 years, but finally the American people have rendered a verdict on Senator Ted Kennedy --- or as close as wel'll ever get. Mr. Kennedy is responsible for our immigration mess more than any other  human being on the planet. But last night he was on ABC News complaining that the borders are porous!  That is unmitigated gall. Who has been the most powerful Senator on immigration for four decades? Who has left the door open, with malice aforethought, to change American democraphics? Who has surely blocked enforcement more than anyone else?

For Ted Kennedy to spin the defeat of the Senate immigration bill as a defeat for border enforcement shows the same lack of conscience that we saw displayed in the case of Mary Jo Kopechne, so many years ago.  It is high time for the people of Massachussetts to throw out Kerry and Kennedy, and start from scratch. They can't possibly do any worse. With leaders like this, it is no wonder the Democrat Party has adopted American defeat in the war on terror as its overriding foreign policy goal.

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