Free trade for America's enemies?

To hear the international left excoriate free trade, you'd think it would be a no brainer for leftist states like Ecuador and Bolivia to reject any trade with the U.S. It's a core position of union hardliners, anti-globalization activists, and populists of all kinds. Better still, leftwing heroes Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez hate it totally. Both Ecuador and Bolivia recently elected leaders who reject free trade as 'yanqui imperialismo,' and vowed to stop its advance. But all of a sudden, they're seeking the benefits of free trade from the U.S., in what's a tremendous ideological somersault. They're seeking an extension of de-facto free trade privileges from the U.S. that expire on June 30. Those trade privileges historically have been a precursor for free trade pacts. They're now saying they never hated the trade at all. But it's not exactly because they've had a change of...(Read Full Post)