Disputing Julia Gorin (updated)

How disappointing to see The American Thinker sully its good name by publishing the clumsy lies of Julia Gorin. ["Why do They Love Us?" - ed.]Both her main arguments are false : The Albanians have  appreciated the US since the time of President Wilson,  as he seemed to be less cynically inclined to deny them their national rights than others, who  let Serbia and Greece steal half their territories in 1913 and were willing to let them steal even more after 1918. In pushing for Kosovo's independence,  the US is merely insisting that democracy and the rule of law take hold in that part of Europe, too. And Gorin is merely  trying to manipulate the conservatives' dislike of Clinton against a policy which is longstanding and bipartisan, a pure expression of Americanism. The Albanians have nothing to do with Muslim Nazism either,  which is more developed in Western Europe and even the United States than in Albania or Kosovo.  The Albanians'...(Read Full Post)