Abbas calls Hamas 'terrorists'

Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, has called Hamas "terrorists."  If Abbas can call Hamas terrorists, why can't most in the media (BBC, Reuters, New York Times)? Wouldn't he be in the  best position to know and have the most credibility?

Many journalists coddle the Palestinian terrorists and whitewash their misdeeds by finessing the issue of violence. They use the word "militant" "or activists" or even, on occasion, "freedom fighters". This blurring has long bedeviled those seeking an end to the violence and have encouraged the growth of terrorism by putting the "imprimatur" of acceptability on the use of violence.

If Mahmoud Abbas, a man who was rumored to have played a role in financing the Munich massacre and the right-hand man for so long to Yasser Arafat  and the head of Fatah ( a group known to have committed more than a few act of terror) can label Hamas Terrorists, why can't so many journalists?