The assault on free speech in radio (updated)

Think Progress, a left wing organization, prepares for the assault on free speech radio, through reimposition of the government controls on what can and can't be said on the airwaves in what proportion.  Of course, the way such calculations are made calls talk radio conservative, but exempts the broadcast network news operations and NPR.

If the Democrats win the White House, expect a knock-down drag-out fight to silence talk radio conservatives.

Update: City Journal has a characteristically thorough and thoughtful presentation of the movement to silence Rush and Sean.

Update:   La Shawn Barber ridicules the "airwave envy" of the left.

The focus is not on finding a market and developing "progressive" talent; they're always, always focused on disregarding market demands and demanding that the government limit conservative talk and prop up liberal talk.

The issue for these think tanks is this: if  23 percent of talk radio listeners self-identify as liberal, shouldn't  23 percent of the shows feature liberal talk? After all, 43 percent of talk radio show listeners self-identify as conservatives, but 91 percent of the programming is conservative. No fair!

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