World Bank Wolfowitz Report with Wolfowitz's Response

MAY 6, 2007 DRAFT REPORT OF THE AD HOC GROUP WITH PROPOSED AMENDMENTS SUBMITTED ON BEHALF OF PAUL WOLFOWITZ The Ad Hoc Group's May 6, 2007 draft report omitted substantial evidence, and in some cases erroneously or incompletely described witness statements and documents. Paul Wolfowitz therefore submits this draft, amended to reflect the important omitted material and to correct erroneous statements and findings. The comments added on behalf of Mr. Wolfowitz appear in bold. Significant deletions appear crossed-through, with an explanation for the deletion. It should not be assumed that Mr. Wolfowitz adopts or endorses any portion of the May 6 draft that he did not propose to delete or amend. I. Introduction On April 6, 2007, the Executive Directors decided to establish an Ad Hoc Group "to acquire information" related to a matter "concerning a possible violation of Staff Rules in favor of a staff member closely associated with the...(Read Full Post)