World Bank power struggle

In accord with the revelations in Bret Stephens piece today, I see the Wolfowitz/Riza response yesterday moving from a defensive to an offensive posture, and disagree with the many reports suggesting that if the World Bank will only clear Wolfowitz of the charge of wrongdoing in the settlement of Riza's claim against the Bank, he will resign.Here are key portions of their presentations to the Board yesterday [Emphasis supplied]:Paul Wolfowitz:  "To this day, I wonder why the committee insisted that I, rather than one of its members, be the one to instruct Mr. Coll [HR Director]. I only know that Ms, Riza was very upset by the Committee's decision that she should be separated in some form from her current career at the Bank, and that Mr. Melkert [chairman of Ethics Committee] commented on several occasions that we needed to reach a "pragmatic solution" to this difficulty. Perhaps the Committee felt that I, because of my personal relationship with Ms. Riza, was in...(Read Full Post)