World Bank: Infinite Rules, Infinite Discretion

Paul Wolfowitz noted the inconsistency in the application of the World Bank's conflict of interest position. It had permitted the wife of former Bank Managing Director Zheng to remain in her position, but required that Shaha Riza, his significant other, leave the Bank.Zheng has filed a facially preposterous response. Law professor Kenneth Anderson wrote: The Bank's rules, according to Zhang - and presumably he should be in a position to know as the Bank's number two manager - permitted "husbands and wives to work at the bank under circumscribed conditions, which he said he followed, but that they barred anyone from having a sexual relationship with a top bank official outside of marriage." (emphasis added)Anderson says if such a rule actually exists it would certainly discriminate against gays and wonders where the normal defenders of gay rights are on this point.Anderson cannot find such a rule despite seeking it from the Bank and concludes it's just more evidence of...(Read Full Post)