Were Dems negotiating with terrorists?

What was Nancy Pelosi really doing in Damascus last month? Call me suspicious. But we know that Steny Hoyer, the House Democrat Whip, flew to Cairo at the same time. It's on the public record that Hoyer talked with Muslim Brotherhood honchos in Egypt. The MB is the parent of Hamas and of much Salafist terrorism. It inspired Al Qaida. If you wanted to negotiate directly with a major branch of Islamist terror, you would fly to Cairo and tell the MB to spread the word to the shadow groups. So if Hoyer is talking with the Muslim Brotherhood, what's Nancy doing in Damascus at the same time? Well, there are three things we know about Bashir Assad Jr., the dictator of Syria's Baath paradise. 1. Syria is a major transit point for terrorists heading to Iraq to drive car bombs aiming to kill American troops and Iraqi civilians. 2. Damascus is headquarters to Hamas and other anti-Israel terror groups. 3. Syria has a formal alliance with Iran, the biggest terror sponsor in the world, and...(Read Full Post)