The friends of Barack Obama

George Soros is omnipresent at Obama fundraisers. The New York Times reports on the latest round of big bucks fundraisers in wealthy Greenwich, CT.It was Mr. Obama's four-hour dash through town, however, that had everyone chatting, mostly about the hundreds of thousands of dollars he gleaned. The evening began at the waterfront home of the billionaire Paul Tudor Jones II, a hedge fund titan. His home, worth an estimated $25 million, features an underground garage roomy enough for more than 25 cars. It has been described in Vanity Fair as "a cross between Tara and a national monument."Another billionaire, George Soros, a longtime supporter of liberal causes, was a co-chairman of the event, which drew 300 guests who were asked to pay $2,300 apiece. A private reception was tossed in for about a dozen people who had raised $25,000 or more for the candidate. By many accounts, waiters in white tuxedos flitted among the crowd, and the supermodel Tyra Banks added sparkle to the...(Read Full Post)