Physician, heal thyself (updated)

The Democratic newsletter than publishes under the name "Newsweek" suggests the President is mentally ill, citing Dr, Kerry Sulkowicz, who offers up rather thin gruel as evidence.Denying the evidence of your eyes is the most extreme form of the coping mechanism called denial. But denial comes in milder forms as well. Parents refuse to believe their child is on drugs; that baggie under his bed contained oregano. A husband maintains his wife cannot be cheating; those late nights she spends with a friend are purely platonic. A wife denies that her husband is gay; he's just been too tired for sex with her these last few years. And a president who insists that a war will succeed despite setback after setback? It's risky to put a politician on the couch, but that has not kept President Bush's critics from charging that he is "in a state of denial" about the situation in Iraq, as Sen. Harry Reid said last month. USA Today editorialized that Bush is "in denial...(Read Full Post)