Obama-fueled cynicism

The other day Barack Obama, gave a major policy speech before the Detroit Economic Club, making the case against "the age of oil":At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the country that faced down the tyranny of fascism and communism is now called to challenge the tyranny of oil. For the very resource that has fueled our way of life over the last hundred years now threatens to destroy it if our generation does not act now and act boldly...For the sake of our security, our economy, our jobs and our planet, the age of oil must end in our time. After pointing a finger at the auto industry, Obama made this remark about individuals: The rest of us whip ourselves into a frenzy whenever gas prices skyrocket or a crisis like Katrina takes oil off the market, but once the headlines recede, so does our motivation to act. Given his rhetoric, we can fully expect Obama to be fully motivated to act.  Business Week recently profiled the automobiles of choice for various...(Read Full Post)