NYT turns blind eye to Illinois Dem scandals

The New York Times has routinely published articles on relatively minor political scandals involving Republican politicians.* But the Times remains virtually silent on recent political scandals in the pivotal state of Illinois, scandals that have been front page news in Chicago.  Might it be because the figures touched by the recent Illinois scandals are Democrats? Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been the subject of a long-running political scandal involving, among other suspicious acts, political supporters receiving government jobs and contracts ("pay for play"). He has been indicted by Federal prosecutors. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama has been tainted by business dealings with indicted businessman and political fundraiser Antoin " Tony" Rezko. A trucking scandal (wherein Chicago outsources its trucking business to contractors) has been shot through with bribery and kickbacks and corrupt hiring practices. Among other things, city employees on...(Read Full Post)