Minnesota Muslims' dilemma

Moslems who escaped the war-ravaged Somalia and were given refuge in the US are not sure whether they should feel happy in their new home, according to the May 18th segment of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Indeed, they face serious problems. "For example, Islam forbids consuming alcohol or pork, but imams differ on whether it's OK to handle them on the job. That very question had become an issue at Minneapolis-St. Paul International, an airport at its most international in the taxi line. About three-quarters of the 600 licensed drivers are Somali immigrants."Airport officials say in too many cases they've refused to take customers carrying alcohol, usually in duty-free bags, saying it's against their Islamic faith."Insensitively, the airport decided to penalize the drivers who refuse to take passengers with Koran-forbidden liquid in their luggage - with a mixed result. "The airport's stiff new penalties will prompt some drivers to look for new work, but...(Read Full Post)