It's official: Hezb'allah is Iran's puppet

Removing whatever doubt that may have remained that Iran controls Hezb'allah, Sheikah Naim Qassem, the chief deputy of Hezb' allah's leader Hassan Nasrallah, confirmed

that Hezbollah does not pursue its own policy but rather submits to the authority of the Iranian leadership, which instructs it even on such military-operative issues as the confrontation with Israel . Such instructions are based on the ideology of the Iranian Islamic regime, set forth by Ayatollah Khomeini, whose key principle is the rule of the jurisprudent ( wilayat al-faqih ). The title used by Sheikh Naim Qassem to describe Hezbollah's source of authority is "al-wali al-faqih" (the ruling jurisprudent), a title formerly used by Ayatollah Khomeini and presently used by his successor, leader 1Ali Khamenei.
Further clarifying the ties between Hezb' allah and Iran, Qassem stated

a. Hezbollah was founded and commenced activities in 1982, based on a religious ruling made by Imam Khomeini, who considered jihad (holy war) against Israel to be an Islamic religious duty.

b. Hezbollah is committed to receive religious instruction regarding the nature of the confrontation with Israel from al-wali al-faqih (the ruling jurisprudent, a title nowadays reserved exclusively for leader Khamenei). For example, Sheikh Naim Qassem had the following to say about suicide bombing attacks: "No one may kill himself without a jurisprudent permission."

c. Firing rockets on Israeli civilians also requires the jurisprudent permission of the Iranian leadership.

d. Hezbollah has means to inquire (implying with the source of religious authority, Ali Khamenei) "what can or cannot be done, what is our duty and what is subject to our own consideration."
Iran's poisonous tentacles are obviously not confined to its territory; its deathly deeds, especially against Jews, are spread around the world.  Iran is widely believed to be the controlling force which blew up a Jewish owned communal building in Argentina nearly 15 years ago, killing almost 100 people.