E = 1 T Square (a poem)

E Equals One T Square,

an equation of Einstein,

is science aware?

Is it as an oracle

locked deep down in a mine?

Does it solve dire issues

on which we opine?

Which issues?

Oh, tissues!

Say, what did you say?

What issues do tissues

solve for us today?

Who said that?

That's silly,

I simply must know.

Oh wow, big surprise,

it's Sheryl de Crow!

Oui, Oui, Oui,

says cherie,

only one you may tear!

Earth's in the balance,

use butt one tissue square!

Butt, if you do as she says

using one, rarely two,

you'll have butt one friend

And that's Pepe Le Pew!!!

Tim Schieferecke