Heroes the media doesn't think are important

Does the name Jim Gant ring a bell? If not, you have lots of company, and that is a shame. Major Jim Gant is a hero and a half.  Blackfive alerts us  to a man who serves as a model of bravery and compassion for everyone, military or civilian: Major Jim Gant had a lot of decisions to make on one fateful day.  One of them was to make sure that the insurgents detonated an IED on his humvee, rather than against civilians or the police."The IED had to go off and I wanted it to be on an up-armored vehicle. I wanted it to be mine."Major Gant is not only someone to be recognized as a hero, but as someone who is like most soldiers I know, ready to give their lives for the Iraqis because they believe the mission is worth it. From a story by Richard S. Lowry:Late last year, Major James Gant and his men were returning home to Baghdad after weeks of fighting insurgents. Gant and his advisory team were riding in up-armored HMMWVs. These were not the HMMWVs of Jessica...(Read Full Post)