Carter Center on the West Bank

Sabeel, a group trying to promote the view that Christians should not offer support to Israel, announces the opening of the Carter Center on the West Bank. This is nothing less than an attempt to weaken Christian support for Israel

This is a new low from you-know-who.

This support is based, in part, on a view that God has a covenant with Jews that Christians are Biblically bound to honor. The Sabeel group has been propagandizing the view that this Covenant between God and the Jews is broken and that Christians (in particular, Palestinian Christians) have replaced Jews as the group that God honors.  Carter has now announced that he supports this effort. Carter has clearly embarked on an effort to erode support for Israel among Christians-this support has become increasingly important to Israel and therefore a target for Carter.

See "Splitting the Evangelicals from Israel" for some background. Also, this.

Today'sWashington Post covers a dynamic within the Evangelical community that may affect its future priorities.

Hat Tip: David Kudish.