Blacks and the immigration bill (updated)

Where are the African American Protests?  Where are the outraged Black Leaders?  Where is the Congressional Black Caucus?  

Now that Democrats have gained power, look at how they treat their loyal constituents.  First, they passed their "Keep labor so expensive that Inner City Youths will never get a job" law, I think they deceptively labeled it raising the minimum wage.  And now, the Democrats are moving on to their "Give all those jobs to Foreigners" law.  This doozy is called "Immigration Reform".

Democrats are condemning those who are still trapped in the ghetto to never get a chance to get out.  Doomed to perpetual reliance on Democrats for hand-outs. Yet there is not a single peep of protest.  

Isn't anybody willing to stand up?  They got furious when some stupid white guy used ghetto culture language to diss the 2nd place NCAA Ladies Basketball team.  But where are they when it really counts?  It is almost like these leaders want their people enslaved to the Democrats.

James Bailey
Knoxville TN 

Jerome J. Schmitt adds: 

I also wonder why black civil rights leaders, who so often complain about the "disproportionate" enforcement of the law against black youth, are standing by silently while a BLANKET AMNESTY is being given to law-breakers of another ethnic group.
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