Blame-Bush buffoonery

Hi, my name is Tim Schieferecke and I'm a native western Kansas farmboy.  No, I don't know anyone from Greensburg as I'm from northwest Kansas, but I do know what rural folks from anywhere in Kansas are like.  Apparently my current leftist Governor Kathleen Sebelius doesn't though, nor does she comprehend the availability of heavy equipment assets.It was hard for me to hold my lunch down when I heard her craft an anti-Bush spin on the disaster that befell the good people of Greensburg.  Slow recovery?  This statement is disingenuous at best but in local lingo better understood as a downright lie.We need trucks?  It seems the good Governor doesn't get out of Topeka much.  Western Kansas is wheat country, and where there's wheat there's wheat trucks.  Incidentally, they fill in quite nicely for hauling away debris when they aren't  filled with grain.  Why do they really need Hum-vees in the mix?  What can they accomplish that a...(Read Full Post)