UN and North Korean counterfeiting

A blog item last year noted North Korea's long standing operation to counterfeit U.S. currency.  It seems that our friends at the UN knew about the operation for more than a decade and kept their mouths shut.  The Secret Service is not amused.     I was fascinated that UNDP had itself been victimized by North Korea's criminal activity it was abetting.  It seems a UNDP consultant working in North Korea received the bogus $100 bills when he cashed his UNDP check at the Foreign Trade Bank in Pyongyang.  When the consultant went abroad and tried to redeposit his fee, he was told the bills were suspect.  He returned the bogus cash to UNDP in Pyongyang, where it sat in the office safe for 12 years.  I would be greatly surprised to learn that this consultant was not later made whole by UNDP.       Hat Tip to Captain's Quarters. (Read Full Post)