SF Bay Area traffic nightmare (updated)

Terrorists couldn't have picked a better spot. The San Francisco Bay Area faces months of horrible traffic disruption thanks to the explosion of a gasoline tanker truck at one of the worst spots imaginable, the so-called McArthur Maze where the Bay Bridge from San Francisco connects with three freeways taking traffic north, east and south.The explosion and fire were so big that connector roadways were melted and collapsed onto other roadways. The San Francisco Chronicle coverage  describes what is known so far, and offers some dramatic pictures of the damage.So far there is no mention of any possible terror connection, although somehow the truck driver managed to survive and take a taxi to a local hospital where he was admitted with burns. On its own, it strikes me as unlikely that this would be a terror attack. In any event, the timing in the early morning hours means that there were no casualties, something terrorists usually want.People unfamiliar with Bay Area traffic...(Read Full Post)