Judge the tree by its fruit

David Brooks is one of the few moderate columnists that the NYT has in its roster. Today, he makes the startling observation ($link) that the work of Walt and Mearsheimer (covered extensively by AT) and other foes of the "Israel lobby" has served to reinforce the worst instincts of Arab elites:I just attended a conference that was both illuminating and depressing. It was co-sponsored by the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and the American Enterprise Institute.... Arab speakers mainly wanted to talk about the Israel lobby. One described a book edited in the mid-1990s by the Jewish policy analyst David Wurmser as the secret blueprint for American foreign policy over the past decade. A pollster showed that large majorities in Arab countries believe that the Israel lobby has more influence over American policy than the Bush administration. Speaker after speaker triumphantly cited the work of Stephen Walt, John Mearsheimer and Jimmy Carter as proof that...(Read Full Post)