Appalling bigotry

Hugh Hewitt delivers a well-deserved slap-down to a New York Times op-ed  on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Mitt Romney. Among the reasons Americans distrust the Mormon church is Mormon clannishness. Because every worthy Mormon male is expected to be a lay priest in voluntary service to the church, the demands on his time often leave little opportunity to cultivate close friendships with non-Mormon neighbors. A good Mormon is a busy Mormon. Those - like Mr. Romney - who serve as bishops (pastors of congregations) often find it difficult to schedule evenings at home with their own families.To many Americans, Mormonism is a church with the soul of a corporation. Successful Mormon males can expect to be called, at some time in their lives, to assume full-time duties in the church's missions, in its vast administrative offices in Salt Lake City or in one of many church-owned businesses. Mormons like to hire other Mormons, and those who lose their jobs can count...(Read Full Post)