A note on "The Muslim Mainstream and the New Caliphate"

I think two aspects of Mr. Bostom’s article cry to be addressed. First, there should be nothing surprising – and therefore there is noting demonic – about Moslem notion of waging holy war “until all mankind is reduced to the authority of Islam – the heathen by conversion, the adherents of acknowledged Scripture [i.e., Jews and Christians] by submission.” The desire to advance the righteous cause – righteous because true – is ingrained in humanity. Communists had the very same ambition for Communism, Nazis had the very same ambition for Nazism – and in the time before separation of church and state, many Christians had the very same ambition for their own version of Christianity. They all waged wars, their will to fight and to sacrifice coming from awareness that they fought and died to advance the truth. Moslems are no exception from the rule – their “truth” is Islam and naturally they wish to bring it to fruition...(Read Full Post)