A manufactured hit job on Wolfowitz

Fox News has done a far better job investigating the allegations against Paul Wolfowitz than any other news outlet  and--no surprise to media watchers--this is another manufactured hit job. In this case by those fighting US dominance of the World Bank and Paul's efforts to cut corruption in the Bank's operations.Update: Thanks to John B. Dywer, here is Dr. Wolfowoitz's statement on the matter:Let me just say a few words about the issue on everyone’s mind.  Two years ago, when I came to the Bank, I raised the issue of a potential conflict of interest and asked to be recused from the matter.  I took the issue to the Ethics Committee and after extensive discussions with the Chairman, the Committee’s advice was to promote and relocate Ms. Shaha Riza.   I made a good faith effort to implement my understanding of that advice, and it was done in order to take responsibility for settling an issue that I believed had potential to harm the...(Read Full Post)